Testimonials and Recommendations


I have participated in real estate transactions with Melinda and would recommend her.  She is a full time professional that gets deals completed!

Lee Hamilton, Senior


I have known Melinda for many years and knew she would be the most knowledgeable and resourceful Real Estate Agent I could work with in this ever changing market. Melinda’s professionalism, integrity, and experience in the business go without saying. I had a wonderful buying experience and secured an amazing investment, I would highly recommend Melinda’s expertise to my family or anyone seeking an extremely thorough agent.

Bettra Rodenbaugh


I have found Melinda to be a consummate professional and able to just get the job done. She has consistently preformed well as both a Buyers Agent and a Listing Agent for our company.  She also worked with out of town relocation clients and constantly received great reviews from the relocation companies.  Melinda is willing to work hard and do what it takes to represent the needs of her clients whether buying or selling!

Jim Alexander


Melinda has always pursued a high level of professional service with her clients. She maintains a high-level of education and service. Clients working with Melinda are assured that she will safely guard their financial and personal investment.

Vickie Brown


Melinda was hired as a selling agent during one of the worst housing markets in the area. We were very impressed with her marketing and promotion of our home. During an extremely tough market, she was able to bring in a consistent flow of potential buyers. Results ended in closing of our home in five months when homes in the neighborhood were on the market for 1-3 years.

Hank Park


In the world of real estate there tends to be three groups of very successful Realtors. There are those who are truly outstanding with networking and relationships, those who have a unique ability and eye for marketing and there are those who are detail oriented and settle for nothing short of perfection. However there are very few "superstars" who posses all three traits. After personally managing over 500 Realtors in my career, I can say without question that Melinda is one of those superstars who is fantastic with networking and relationships, a master at marketing and accurate in her details. Highly competent with outstanding character equals a Realtor you can trust to get the job done and enjoy working with along the way. It is for these reasons I highly recommend Melinda.

Jeromy Trask


As we sit in our new home we are reminded of the journey that brought us here and all the wonderful people we met along the way. You, dear friend, are at the top of that list. Your hard work and patience were greatly appreciated. We wouldn’t have done it without you.

Steve and Nora Sciolino


Melinda is meticulous in her work for her clients, be they buyers or sellers. She has added to her knowledge base by studying and earning designations most pertinent to her work, most notably in the luxury home market. Add to that her strong interpersonal, creative and technology skills and you have a Realtor whose got you covered.

Edie Carlson


After just a few showings, Melinda Johnson, studying what we liked and didn’t like, pin pointed exactly what we wanted in a house that we’d call home. That’s an aspect of customer’s tastes that’s hard for a lot of agents to grasp. Melinda brought us to our dream home in just two days of looking!

Sam Shiromani


Excellent. We worked very well together and she made the whole process very easy for me. Melinda exceeded my expectations, provided excellent service, listened and responded to our needs, was available when needed, provided relevant data on specific homes, schools, and neighborhoods, was knowledgeable of the areas of that were of interest to us, and I would definitely work with her again.
Marty Peninger March 28, 2008


Melinda Johnson took very good care of us. We had a great experience, and she exceeded my expectations and provided excellent service.
Lee Hamilton, Jr.


I recently sold a piece of property and was fortunate enough to have Melinda Johnson as my agent.  Melinda was very professional in her presentation to list the house, her knowledge of the real estate market, and her ideas of how to market the house.  Melinda was easy to work with and went beyond her duties to help get the house ready to sell.  I feel Melinda’s ideas helped me sell the house for full price in a matter of weeks.  I will not hesitate to recommend her whenever I can.

Charles Gasaway


I received exceptional service from Melinda Johnson and would recommend her and her company to my friends and family 

Hilma Orman


Thanks again for the great job you did selling Mom’s house.  You were just what I needed.  I miss you and can’t wait to work with you again.  I have my ears open and I’ll do my best to find you more houses to sell.

Bobbie Gasaway


Thanks so much for recommending Melinda Johnson. She was great at marketing, being honest with me about the things I needed to do, and selling in a hurry. She’s the hardest working person I have ever known. Melinda went above and beyond the call of duty in every regard, including putting up with me.  I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone and I plan to do so.

Bobbie Gasaway

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